Benefits of a Balanced Diet

Benefits of Balanced Cat Food Diet

Benefits of a Balanced Diet

Cat nutrition requirements depend on their stage of life but with so many cat food options out there, how do you know which will be best for your cat or kitten? Should you give your cat dry food or wet food? Is it enough to provide your cat wet food alone? We’re here to help you structure a perfectly balanced diet for your pet – whether your cat is getting on in their years, or still a little peep.

For information on cat nutrition we look to studies by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. Thanks to their research, we now have evidence of the benefits your kitten or cat will experience if they are given the correct balance of wet and dry food on a regular basis.

The first study observed female kittens and noticed a spike in the kittens’ weight gain shortly after they had been sterilised. A stable weight is extremely important to the health of your cat and this study has given us the opportunity to get ahead of weight gain, before it becomes a problem. To build a healthy cat diet plan, especially for kittens, it is important to control food portions and use a balance of both dry cat food and wet food. This will help your feline friends meet cat nutrition requirements, and lessen the likelihood that they will overeat as they continue to grow.

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Cat nutrition is just as important for your fully grown fur friends. You can give your cat wet food with their daily dose of dry cat food to prevent uncomfortable conditions like bladder stones from developing as they age. The wet food provides your cat with more moisture and ensures they enjoy the benefits of a higher daily water intake – such as increased urine volume and dilution. Research conducted by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition found that 2% of all cats could experience urinary conditions leading to severe discomfort and that an everyday diet of dry cat food alone could not give them the moisture to avoid such problems.

Whiskas outlines a healthy diet for cats as one third of dry cat food with two thirds of wet food daily – for both kittens and older cats alike. Even with a combination of dry cat food and wet, you will need to adjust your cat diet plan based on your furry family member’s age, weight and breed. A cat diet is just as important as a human diet. Using the incorrect balance of cat food will have the same impact on them as it would have on you. With a balanced diet of wet and dry food, you can give your cat the opportunity to live a healthier, happier life.

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