Do Cats Need Wet and Dry Food?

Do Cats Need Wet and Dry Food?

When we consider cat nutrition requirements, it’s clear to see that a healthy cat diet is a balanced diet – one that is made up of both dry cat food and wet food. In this article, we’ll discuss the nutritional needs of your pet and how you can ensure they’re getting all the goodness they need every day.

As a cat-lover, we know that you only want the best for your feline friends – and that means only the best cat diet plan. A healthy cat is a happy cat. So we’re here to help you make sure you’re providing your furry family members with a balanced diet of delicious cat food.

Instead of contemplating whether you should give your cat dry food or wet food, use a balance of both. With a combination of dry and wet food, you can ensure that your cats are getting the nutrients they need every day.

In a recent study by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, it was discovered that cats actually instinctively know what nutrients they should be eating and even after thousands of years of domestication, they will still opt for cat food that has a similar flavour and nutrient profile to that of their natural prey.

Healthy benefits of wet & dry cat food

Over two years, the eating habits of a group of cats were monitored. It was found that, when given the choice, the cats’ daily calorie intake would consist of: 52% protein, 36% fat and 12% carbohydrates. This fascinating study shows us that cats have an innate ability to identify the nutrients they need and actively seek them out in favour of purely flavour-based cat food.

Cat wet food is known to be much higher in protein and far lower in carbohydrates while dry cat food offers a textual variety and oral health benefits. A combination of the two creates a nutrition profile that is similar to cats’ natural prey and, as proven by our study, the exact diet your cats would choose for themselves.

A healthy diet for cats, as recommended by Whiskas, is a mix of 15 grams of dry cat food with two pouches of wet food daily. Start your adult cat off with one pouch of wet food in the morning, another in the evening and the dry cat food in between. Your cats will love the flavour of Whiskas Wet and Dry Foods while benefitting from the nutrient profile they would naturally choose.

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