Cat Care and Treats



When cats are cared for they flourish. Treat your cat with a healthy treat to keep them at their playful best.



Cats are curious by nature. Spending moments with your cat is priceless, so get them to show you even more love through healthy treats that will keep them at their curious best.



We all need a little help when it comes to maintaining our health. Cats are the same, so by giving them a delicious treat that helps their skin, fur and teeth, you will help them stay healthy and happy.



We want the best for our fury friends. The WHISKAS Care and Treat Range helps maintain a beautify coat, skin and dental hygiene by reducing tartar build up.



Cats love to play and we love to enjoy bonding moments with them. Show them just how much you care by giving them a delicious treat, packed with goodness, during play time.

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