Thinking about getting a kitten?


Kittens are adorable. How can you not fall in love with those cute, friendly bundles of fluff? What’s more, welcoming a kitten into your home is just the first part of an exciting journey.

" Kittens are inquisitive and sociable.

Within a year, that inquisitive little furball will be fully-grown. So, before you take that first step, make sure you’re ready and willing to own an adult cat.

Choosing a kitten


Every home is different, and everyone has their own lifestyle. So it’s important to choose a kitten who’ll settle in comfortably with your routines.

" If you’re interested in a particular breed,
read up on it to find out if it’s the right cat
for you.

Pedigree or moggy?


A good way to find out about various cat breeds is to use the Whiskas Breed Selector – an online tool designed to help match the right breed of cat to your own lifestyle.

Preparing for arrival


Now that you’ve picked your perfect kitten, it’s time to get everything ready for the new arrival!

" Keep your kitten in a warm, quiet room for
the first two or three days.

Shopping list


There’s lots you’ll need to keep your new kitten comfortable and happy in their new home.

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